Array of Products




  • If the counter > 1, we can return an array of the same length as the original array and fill it with zeros.
    example: [1,0,2,5,0]
    if we cover the 1 = 0*2*5*0 = 0
    if we cover the 0 = 1*2*5*0 = 0
    as you can see since we only ever cover one index then there will always be another zero which will always bring the total to 0.
  • if the counter =1, then we remember the index of that one zero and and return a new array of the same length filled with zero’s except on the index of where the original zero was located because in that case it means the the total does not zero out since we covered the zero and multiplied all the other numbers.
    example: [1,0,2,5]
    if we cover the 1 = 0*2*5 = 0
    if we cover the 0 = 1*2*5 = 10
    if we cover the 2 = 1*0*5 = 0
    if we cover the 5 = 1*0*2 = 0
    Therefore the array will be filled with zero EXCEPT on the index in which the zero was.
function arrayOfProducts(array) {
let newArray = []
let num = 1
let counter = 0
let rememberNum
if(array.length === 0) {
return array

for(let i = 0; i < array.length; i++) {
if(array[i] === 0) {
counter += 1
rememberNum = i
if(counter > 1) {

return new Array(array.length).fill(0);
num *= array[i] == 0 ? 1 : array[i]

for(let i = 0; i < array.length; i++) {
if (i == rememberNum){
newArray = new Array(array.length).fill(0);
newArray[i] = num
return newArray
let n = num/array[i]
return newArray




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